Benefits of Membership

EUROC offers a wide range of services and benefits to its members which, over time, will be developed and enhanced, based on member feedback.

Membership is open to all European timeshare home owner clubs and resorts irrespective of their size and whether they are independently run by an owner’s committee or have a developer in place at the resort and applies to all timeshare owners whether they own fixed week(s), floating week(s) or points.

EUROC will act as a one stop shop for timeshare owners and committee member representatives from resorts and home owner clubs around Europe providing legitimate resources and information relating to the world of timeshare ownership.

Support & guidance for owners via their committees/clubs

  • EUROC will work with legislators and regulators at all levels of government to educate policy makers and ensure fair treatment across a broad range of issues.
  • EUROC serves as the official voice for all timeshare owners and is the first line of defence against legislation that may negatively impact owners, clubs or resorts.
  • Professionally drafted papers will be submitted on behalf of EUROC members to local councils and governments on specific issues that may affect timeshare use and operation.
  • EUROC members will be recognised as representing the best of timeshare by following the EUROC best practice guidelines/code of conduct as and when they are introduced.
  • Regular communications, updates and contact from the Member Relations Manager.
  • Advice and signposting to contacts within the EUROC membership network to help you resolve any issues you are facing.
  • Where appropriate, EUROC will work alongside the Resort Development Organisation (RDO), the trade body for the timeshare industry.

Fighting timeshare fraud and protecting your owners

  • EUROC oversees and funds the operation of the Timeshare Helpline – a service available to timeshare owners who have concerns about a business and who require assistance with a problem. The Helpline offers advice on refunds, relinquishments, law enforcement and general issues with their timeshare. The helpline is available in English, Spanish, French and Italian, with the future potential of additional languages being brought online, as more funds become available.
  • EUROC members support the extremely important ongoing work of the Timeshare Task Force, which is operated by KwikChex and funded by RDO.  The Task Force works to have companies that defraud timeshare owners exposed, shut down and where, possible, it will work with the authorities to bring offenders to justice. Kwikchex are Trading Standards approved and work closely with the police and other enforcement agencies across Europe.
  • Benefit from updates and alerts on current illegal timeshare activities and scams provided by the Timeshare Task Force for you to share and create awareness of amongst your owners.
  • Education and advice on how to inform owners as to how to protect themselves from misleading resale, transfer and marketing scams.
  • One-to-one private advice from Kwikchex on how to handle issues affecting your owners, resorts or club.
  • Potential savings on legal fees associated with drafting response letters on behalf of your owners to claims companies, using a selection of approved template letters from The Timeshare Taskforce available to EUROC members only.

Networking and creating your owner community

  • Invitations to attend EUROC seminars/forums
  • Networking with other committees, resorts and external suppliers from the EUROC membership network to enhance your club
  • Ideas and suggestions from EUROC on topics relevant to your owner experience and day to day running of your home owner club/resort
  • Connection and networking with exchange companies and external booking agencies to ensure revenue growth from unused weeks.


If you are a member of a timeshare owners committee and would like to find out more about EUROC membership, and the benefits for your home owner club/resort – contact the EUROC Member Relations Managers by e-mail at:

Frequently Asked Questions

Home owner clubs and resorts will be charged a fee of £2 per timeshare member, irrespective of whether they own fixed week(s), floating week(s) or points. It will be up to each committee to decide how the fee is collected from members.

We understand that every penny counts but protecting timeshare owners is key to the long term future of your club and resort.

In 2019, EUROC was awarded a grant of $150,000 from ARDA-ROC and a donation of €97,000 from Resort Development Organisation. Going forward, it is expected that the membership fees will cover all costs and EUROC will be self-sufficient.

The industry trade association (Resort Development Organisation) is unlikely to be seen by the authorities and regulators as truly representing owners. When EUROC talks to regulators, it will speak on behalf of thousands of timeshare owners and home owner clubs across Europe. Where appropriate, EUROC will work alongside the Resort Development Organisation (RDO).

EUROC is not a consumer protection organisation, nor does it provide a mediation service. Rather, it will represent the interests of its member home owner clubs including:

  • Providing a forum for sharing of common concerns, issues and best practice.
  • Supporting the development of solutions to such common issues or concerns.
  • Monitoring actual and potential regulation which might affect cluns/resorts and their individual owners and to lobby local, national and supra-national bodies.
  • Informing and advising committees and clubs of issues and developments that might affect some or all of them.
  • Working to produce a best practice/code of conduct.
  • Monitoring, consulting with and instructing the Timeshare Task Force in any enforcement issues of concern to clubs/resorts.
  • Working with other industry bodies to support and implement these purposes.
  • Acting at all times in the best interests of its members.