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For committee members or for any enquires about membership of EUROC

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For individual timeshare owners

General Help

If you have a general query about timeshare, and it does not relate to an RDO member, contact the Timeshare Helpline.

This free service is operated by Kwikchex via funding received from EUROC and is approved by UK Trading Standards.

Company Check

If you are unsure about a company and would like further information, visit the Timeshare Business Check website. You will be able to find out:

  • Detailed business information held on certain companies
  • Level of transparency regarding their business details
  • Any official government action taken against the company/executives
  • List of criminals, criminal activity and associated businesses

This website is operated by the Timeshare Task Force, managed by Kwikchex, supported by EUROC and RDO.

Complaint about a Resort Development Organisation (RDO) member

The RDO’s consumer policy allows consumers to make complaints and general enquiries about its members.

You can find further information on the process and download the complaint registration form on the RDO website.