A board of directors elected by the membership will oversee EUROC’s operations. It will have a maximum of nine board members of whom:

  • Two will represent independent Home Owner Clubs
  • Five will represent Home Owner Clubs that do not meet the previous criteria
  • One will be nominated by RDO
  • One will be nominated by ARDA-ROC

Of the initial seven Home Owner Club members elected to the board, three shall serve for two years and four for three years. At the end of their respective terms they will then be eligible for re- election for a three-year period.

It will be incumbent onboard members to agree which of them shall serve for two years and which will serve for three (this provision is inserted to give the initial board some continuity).

Thereafter, representatives will be elected at AGMs for a three-year term and will be eligible for re-election on a maximum of three consecutive occasions.

The current EUROC board comprises:

Bill Johnston (Chairman) – Slaley Hall

Nigel Howells (Vice Chairman) – Craigendarroch Owners’ Club

Sue Barnett – Sunset Bay, Diamond Resorts

Mike Gordon – Las Mimosas Beach Club

John Davey – Alpine Club Austria, Diamond Resorts

Wally Francis – Lakeland Village

Richard Coles – Cameron Lodges

Paul Gardner Bougaard – RDO

Ken McKelvey – ARDA-ROC