The History behind EUROC

Since the collapse of TATOC, (The Timeshare Association) in 2017, timeshare owners have had no formal representation on issues that impact them and little protection against the activities of fraudulent companies.

By autumn 2018, it had become absolutely critical that journalists, government bodies, consumer associations and policy makers should have a trusted timeshare owners’ representative body to approach.

In February 2019, at a meeting of timeshare owners committee representatives from resorts and home owner clubs around Europe, delegates unanimously supported the proposal to establish a powerful and representative body for timeshare owners and EUROC was launched on 1st March, 2019.

During the set-up phase EUROC has been supported and funded by the European trade association, Resort Development Organisation, (RDO) and the Resort Owners’ Coalition in the USA, ARDA-ROC.  The future goal for EUROC is to become financially self-sufficient as more resorts and home owner clubs take up membership.

EUROC’s Purpose

The purpose of EUROC is to represent the interests of its members and act as the official spokesbody for current or potential issues relating to timeshare ownership. EUROC is proactive in its approach, seeking solutions and advocating for positive outcomes before they potentially have an impact on timeshare owners.

From acting as the front-facing advocate and public voice on timeshare-related issues, providing support and guidance and protecting timeshare owners from fraudulent companies, being a member of EUROC will put timeshare owners and home owner clubs at the forefront of all timeshare related activities and create a powerful united front.

The association has the power to petition local, national and international bodies and governments to alleviate, avoid or mitigate any adverse impacts and to lobby for any regulations which may affect home owner clubs and their individual owners.

As an independent non-profit making association run by timeshare owners for owners, EUROC stands side by side with resort and club committees around Europe and will act as the primary one stop shop for legitimate resources and advice on important timeshare matters.

Some of the areas EUROC will focus its attention include:

    • Consulting government officials on matters that impact timeshare ownership, such as the provision of timeshare exit programmes.
    • Advising on the implications of the Spanish Supreme Court rulings and working to ensure that the rulings are not abused.
    • A proactive voice against the introduction of bed tax in the UK.
    • Increased focus on perpetuity/long term contracts.
    • Working to ensure that the new regulations re Claims Management Companies are complied with in the context of timeshare claims and pushing for action when they are breached.
    • Monitoring the development of any new regulations on the sharing economy that may impact Home Owner Clubs and resorts.