7 great reasons to become a EUROC member

Membership to EUROC is open to all timeshare owners’ committees, irrespective of their size and whether they are independently run by an owners’ committee or have a developer in place at the resort.

But why should a club or resort become a member of EUROC?

1 Work together with EUROC to ensure timeshare owners speak with one voice

Since the collapse of TATOC, timeshare owners have had no representation at all. This has left the media vulnerable to approaches from organisations purporting to represent owners and it is absolutely critical that journalists have a trusted owners’ representative body to approach.  

2 Tackle the issues together

By working with the media, law enforcement, consumer associations, the industry representative RDO and government bodies we can:

  • Improve the perception of timeshare
  • Find ways to encourage new owners from a younger generation
  • Send out the right messages about fraudsters and how to avoid them
  • Be involved with the development of any new European legislation
  • Be recognised as representing the best of timeshare

3 Networking opportunities, professional guidance

EUROC will provide a great forum to come together, make connections, share ideas and develop solutions on how best to approach the issues that affect us all. If members approach us for help, we will put them in touch with other members/ experts for feedback/guidance.

4 Help sheets on key topics

EUROC will provide written support and guidance on how to respond to claims management companies (CMCs). CMCs are currently incredibly active, and many resorts have received letters/demands from them.

EUROC will issue a newsletter that keeps members abreast of developments that impact on timeshare resorts. This could include any post Brexit issues, proposed bed tax, proposed statutory registration scheme, the new Claims Act and developments regarding the Spanish Supreme Court decisions.

5 Fighting the timeshare fraud together

Membership helps fund the important work of the Timeshare Task Force. This organisation works with the authorities to have companies that defraud owners closed down. The Task Force also provides updates on activities that impact on resorts.

Your membership supports the timeshare Telephone Helpline, a free of charge service available to members of the public who have got into difficulty with companies that are not in membership of RDO.

6 EUROC events

EUROC events provide a forum for resort committee members to come together to share ideas, develop solutions, strengthen ties and make connections that would not be possible without the association.

EUROC held a successful first seminar on 2nd September 2019 at The Lea Marston Hotel in Sutton Coldfield

The event gave committee members representing clubs and home owner associations (HOAs) from around Europe the opportunity to share ideas, discuss current and potential future issues impacting the world of timeshare ownership, as well as explore possible solutions together.

Sessions included building a community to create positive engagement with owners; making the most of exchanging timeshare weeks; updates from the Timeshare Task Force, the organisation fighting timeshare fraud; discussions on current and potential legislative, regulatory and market-driven issues that impact timeshare clubs and owners, and much more.

Date to be announced soon for EUROC Seminar 2020!


As a member you have the opportunity to provide editorial towards the Alliance of International Property Owners, AIPO, a website for people who own a holiday home overseas. The site includes a section on timeshare ownership.  

For further information about membership – email: info@euroc.eu