EUROC launches to represent European timeshare owners & resorts

Friday, March 1, 2019 saw the launch of The European Resort Owners’ Coalition (EUROC), a new representative body for European timeshare owners.

This followed a working group meeting on Wednesday, February 27, where representatives from 56 timeshare owner committees unanimously supported the budget, funding and structure of the new body.

The creation of EUROC follows the closure of TATOC, in 2017, which left timeshare owners in the UK and Europe without any form of representation. It also left owners vulnerable to the activities of fraudulent or deceptive operators.

EUROC is to develop relationships with government departments, consumer organisations, enforcement bodies and the media across Europe. It will ensure that the voice of the timeshare ownership community is heard and that the owners’ interests are formally represented and acted upon.

EUROC is an association run by timeshare owners on behalf of fellow owners. The day-to-day functions are administered by RDO and a management agreement is in place so that the operations are handled as efficiently as possible.  

The EUROC Board is made up of seven owners’ committee representatives and one representative respectively from ARDA-ROC and RDO.

In addition, Jane Gilmartin, the member relations manager is responsible for bringing owners’ committees into membership and will act as the primary contact point for the committees, working to ensure their needs are met. Importantly, Jane will develop a forum for members to air, share and resolve issues of concern.

RDO and ARDA-ROC are funding EUROC over the course of 2019 to help during the setup process.  However, for 2020, it is expected EUROC will be close to self-funding through membership fees.

EUROC is holding a seminar on September 2nd to discuss key areas of concern in the summer and details for this can be found here.

For further information about membership, contact Jane Gilmartin: add contact details