Warning to Timeshare owners – Beware of the Double Sting!

KwikChex sees an increase in reports from consumers concerned about being caught out by cold-calling rogues offering to get their monies back after losing monies in initial scams.

An increasing number of consumers are approaching KwikChex with stories of being contacted by people saying they can get monies back for them that were lost to fraud. In most cases, when KwikChex has investigated, it is apparent that these are attempts at a ‘double-sting’.

The callers / those sending emails and texts have knowledge of the first fraud that took place. They will often say that they have the information from an ‘official registry’ or even that a court case has taken place already.  The truth is that very often these people are connected to the original crimes, having either worked for the perpetrators or bought the data from them.

To read the full article published by Kwikchex, click the following link: https://kwikchex.com/2020/03/fraud-recovery-fraud-beware-the-double-sting/