Launch of Timeshare Owner Data Protection Campaign

As you are already aware, data abuse is prolific in the timeshare sector and fuels scams with many timeshare owners wrongly falling victim and parting with large sums of money.

Despite the best efforts made by resorts, clubs and developers to protect owner data and follow up with the authorities on suspected breaches; enforcement against rogues using stolen data has proved very difficult – even when owners have signed up to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). 

It is time that we all come together to combat against these rogues and protect timeshare owners however this cannot be done without the full support of each club, resort and developer.

KwikChex has discussed this matter with the relevant authorities and an agreement has been put in place to launch a campaign that provides ‘special measures’ reporting and investigations system that will better empower timeshare owners to tackle the substantial issues around data protection.  

The declared intention of the campaign is to work alongside timeshare owners via their home owner club, resort or developer to ensure that each owner is made aware of how they should handle any unsolicited contact (cold-calling, email and text messages) and what questions they should ask so that they can retrieve as much information from the individual or company as possible and report their findings.  In turn, the reported information received via the new report form on the rogue activities acquired by the owners will be investigated and acted upon by Kwikchex.

Please note: Any personal data acquired from the reports will only be shared with the official authorities and regular updates will be provided to owners.

It is asked that home owner club, resort and developer representatives confirm their support for the campaign by communicating the content of this message and the new online reporting cold call and data theft form (click the link below) to their owners via email or on your website so they are fully aware of how to respond to and report any form of unsolicited contact. Please feel free to copy and paste any of the text above in your owner communications.

Click here to view online form for reporting cold calls and owner data theft

On behalf of EUROC and Kwikchex, thank you for your support of this exciting new campaign against fraudulent operators and taking enhanced measures in protecting timeshare owners.